Organizations of Locust Control Campaign

With the onset of locust season an alert should be issued to the Agriculture authorities of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab States. Other stake holders like Ministry of Home Affairs, Defence, Science and Technology, Civil Aviation, Communication, Aircraft Companies and Pesticides Manufacturing Firms etc. may also be sounded for providing needful assistance, if required, during locust emergency. The role of different Stake holders is given as under:

Role of Different Stake holders

  1. Ministry of Home Affairs
    1. To advise BSF authorities to extend help and to provide facilities in border surveys.
    2. To advise BSF authorities to extend help in arranging Indo-Pak border meetings.
    3. To grant permission for establishing direct wireless linkage between Jodhpur and Karachi.
    4. To extent help in reporting of locust population/swarm through BSF staff.
  2. Ministry of Defence:  To provide wireless sets (HF and VHF), trained manpower for wireless and vehicles during locust emergency.  Also request Defence Ministry to coordinate in using the HF frequency allotted for establishing direct wireless link between Jodhpur (India) and Karachi (Pak) for exchange of locust informations.
  3. Ministry of Science and Technology: To provide meteorological data.
  4. Ministry of Civil Aviation:    To get permission from Air Traffic Control (ATC) for flying aircraft during locust control operation.
  5. Ministry of Communication:  To approach Ministry of Communication for timely renewal of wireless telegraph licence granted to operate the Locust Warning Organisation wireless communication network.
  6.  Government Departments:
    1. To report locust information to LWO.
    2. To provide assistance in form of vehicles and manpower during locust campaign.
    3. To conduct survey and surveillance of locust in cropped areas.
    4. To control locust in cropped areas.
    5. To create awareness among public and farmers about locust.
    6. To provide facilities to LWO staff during locust survey and control campaign.
  7. Aircraft Companies:  To provide aircrafts/helicopters on hire basis for locust control.
  8. Pesticide Manufacturing Firms:  To supply the pesticides on short notice during locust emergency.