Successful Bio-Control Programmes

Sugarcane Pyrilla (Pyrilla perpusilla):

There was a severe outbreak of Sugarcane Pyrilla during 1972-73 in the states of Punjab, Haryana, U.P. and Bihar which was successfully controlled by utilization of potential biocontrol agents like Egg parasitoidTetrastichuspyrillae and Nymphalpredator Epipyropsmelanoleuca. This saved the Government Exchequer to the tune of Rs.11.00 crores. Similarly, during 1987, there was again outbreak of this pest in some Sugarcane growing states of the country, when again utilization of its potential bioagents saved Govt. exchequer to the tune of Rs.16.00 crores. In 1994, severe incidence of this pest in Karnataka was successfully controlled by its potential biocontrol agents.

Apple woolly aphid (Eriosomalanigerum) and Sanjose scale (Quadraspidiotusperniciosus)

These two dreaded pests of apple plants are under check by their bioagents like Aphelinusmali, Syrphusconfrater, Chrysopascelestesetc. in case of apple woolly aphid and Encarsiaperniciosi, Aphytisspp., Chilocorusbijugus, Pharoscymnus spp. etc. in case of Sanjose scale in apple growing states of the country

Water hyacinth (Eichhorniacrassipes):

This aquatic weed was successfully controlled in Southern states of India through its two exotic phytophagous weevils i.e.Neochetinaeichhorniae and N. Bruchi.

Sugarcane white woolly aphid (Seratovacunalanigera):

This pest of sugarcane was also successfully managed by bio agents viz. Diphaaphidivora, Chrysoperla spp., Coccinellid beetles, Syrphid flies and some spiders in the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka, where its outbreak during 2003-04 had caused considerable economic damage to the farmers.

American bollworm / Gram Caterpillar (Helicoverpaarmigera):

A polyphagous insect pest was successfully managed with the use of Nuclear Polyhidrosis virus (NPV) on Cotton, Pulses, Vegetables, Oilseeds India.