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Locust research in India goes back to early forties, work was permanent basis started in 1957, when the F.S.I.L. was established at Bikaner ( Rajasthan) by the Government of India under the Dte. of PPQ&S (Ministry of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare) as one of its second five year plan scheme. The prime object of the station is to conduct field investigations on various aspects of Desert Locust regarding biology, ecology , behavior , insecticides. , antifeedents, attractants, repellents and other bioactive component biotic factors with a view to divesting more effective and less costly measures for its control. Besides the Desert Locust , viz. migratory locust and Tree locust are also studied at this station along with some arid zone grasshoppers . Thar desert covered an approx. 02.5-lacs Sq.Kms. out of which 60% comes under Rajasthan state and extend up to Gujrat, Punjab & Haryana. As the ultimate aim is to keep the locust under permanent control. Maintaining Desert Locust ( Schistocerca gregaria ) Migratory Locust ( Locusta migratoria ) and Tree Locust (Anacradium rubrispinum) in rearing laboratory. Station is providing live specimen to the Universities and research organization /various KVK’s.
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Officer In-Charge,
FSIL, Nagnechi ji Temple Road,
Pawanpuri, Bikaner,
Phone No.0151-22542582
Email address:lwo-bik-rj[at]nic[dot]in

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Collector, Bikaner : Phone No.151-2226000, 2226001

Deputy Director(Ag.Ext.) : Phone No.0151-2230140
Email address:mail to:ddagr_bik[at]rediffmail[dot]com

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