CIPMC, Port Blair

CIPMC, Port Blair has been established in the State of Andaman & Nikobar island as a subordinate office under Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage, Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Government of India. This Centre has made significant contribution in transferring the IPM technology with the concept of “Seeing is believing” & “Learning by doing” which is more suitable to farming community. More emphasis is given in organizing Human Resource Development Programmes related to IPM viz. Farmer Field School (FFS), Orientation Training Programme (OTP), Season Long Training Programme (SLTP) for the Farmers/Agriculture cum Horticulture Extension functionaries/Pesticide Dealers/Students/NGOs.
CIPMC,Port Blair
Activitity 1
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1 Target & Acheivement 2017-18 Download (351.63 KB) pdf
Activitity 2

1. Surveillance of different insect-pests, rodents, weeds and diseases of major crops and their natural enemies by conducting sample rapid roving surveys at regular intervals in predetermined survey routes.
2. Popularization of Integrated Pest Management technology among state Agriculture Department Field Functionaries and farmers by organizing IPM Demonstrations cum training programmes in farmers’ fields.
3. Mass rearing of different biological control agents in the laboratory and their subsequent release in the farmers’ fields.
4. Advise appropriate, judicious and safe use of agro-chemicals.

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Contact Details Officer Incharge

प्रभारी अधिकारी/Officer In-Charge

केन्द्रीय एकीकृत नाशीजीव प्रबंधन केन्द्र/Central Integrated Pest Management Centre

'ए' ब्लॉक, द्वितीय तल‘A’ BLOCK, 2nd FLOOR,

केन्द्रीय सदन, लाम्बा लाइन/ KENDRIYA SADAN, LAMBA LINE,

पोर्ट ब्लेयर/PORT BLAIR – 744 103.

Tel fax:03192-233290,

ईमेल/E-mail: ipman00[dot]and[at]nic[dot]in

Contact Details Stake Holder

01. P. Sreenivasa Reddy, IAS
Secretary (Agri./AH&VS/Fy)
Room No. 107, Secretariat,
Port Blair, A& N

01. Director of Agriculture, A & N Islands. Directorate of Agriculture, Port Blair- 03192-233257 (O), diragri[dot]and[at]nic[dot]in
02. Joint Director Agriculture, Directorate of Agriculture, Port Blair- 03192-232580
03. Assistant Director (Agri.) HQ, Directorate of Agriculture, Port Blair- 03192-232513
04. Assistant Director(Agri.), Goal Ghar, Port Blair, South Andaman- 03192-232627
05. Assistant Director(Agri.), Rangat, Middle Andaman- 03192-274231/ 9434262524, adargt[dot]and[at]nic[dot]in
06. Assistant Director(Agri.), Car Nicobar- 03192-265262
07. Assistant Director(Agri.), Mayabunder, Middle Andaman- 03192-273301/ 9476029138, dagrinb[at]gmail[dot]com
08. Assistant Director(Agri.), Diglipur, North Andaman- 03192-272374/ 9434274930, agridp[at]rediffmail[dot]com


01. Director, CARI, Garacharma- 03192-232276 (O)/ 03192-250436 (O)/ 03192-233370 (R), cari[dot]and[at]nic[dot]in/ directorcaripb[at]gmail[dot]com
02. Dr. Nagesh Ram, Sr. Scientist and Head, KVK, Sippighat, South Andaman- 9474225222, nageshramkvk[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
03. Shri Sanjay Kumar Pandey, STO, SMS (Agronomy), KVK, Auckchung, Nicobar- Sanjay[dot]kp79[at]gmail[dot]com
04. Dr. B. L Kashinath Sr. Seientist, KVK, Nimbudera, North & Middle Andaman- 9476024288, nimbuderakvk[at]gmail[dot]com


01. M/s Deepak Automobile Agency, Gurudwara Lane, Port Blair- 03192-233198/ +919531802100
02. M/s Sun Enterprises, Mohanpura, Port Blair- Shri Subrata Halder- +919933233635, speak2sun[at]gmail[dot]com
03. M/s Kishan Agri. Mart, Bathubasti, Port Blair- Shri Gouranga Mridha- +919434299715, macdev007[at]gmail[dot]com
04. M/s Radha Krishna Krishi Bhandar, Bathubasti, Port Blair- Shri Pranab Debnath- +919932533351, prapriyam[at]gmail[dot]com
05. M/s Sabita Enterprise, Meshak Market, Aberdeen Bazar, Port Blair- Shri Ajay Halder- +919434283571, spk2ajay[at]gmail[dot]com
06. M/s Madhu Agro Chemicals, Chouldari, South Andaman- Smt. Manju Rani- +919434299715, macdev007[at]gmail[dot]com
07. M/s Shikdar Electronics & Agro Seeds & Pesticides, Chouldari, South Andaman- Shri Samiran Sikhdar- +919476025611
08. M/s Terrier Consultancy Services, Garacharma, Port BLair
09. M/s Chasi Ghar- Shri Ashok Biswas, Diglipur
10. M/s Russi Agro Chemicals- Shri Kishore Biswas, Diglipur
11. M/s Maa Kali Krishi Bhandar- Shri Bimal Chandra Das, Diglipur
12. M/s Green Leaf Agro Shop- Shri Apan Chandra Das, R.K. Gram, Diglipur
13. M/s Kishan Bandhu- Shri Jhantu Das, R.K. Gram, Diglipur
14. Shri Narayan Chandra Das, Nimbudera
15. Shri Tapan Halder, Harinagar, Billiground
16. Shri Swapan Kumar Mandal, Harinagar, Billiground
17. Shri Sadhan Paul, Harinagar, Billiground
18. Shri Asim Halder, Dasrathpur, Rangat
19. M/s Om Shakti Stall- Shri Sabitri Mridha, Govindanagar, Havelock Island
20. Shri Santosh Roy, Ramnagar, Neil Islands
21. M/s Krishi Aastha- Shri Ram Prasad Mondal, Little Andaman
22. M/s Krishi Sathi- Shri Bivash Mondal, Little Andaman

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