What's New

What's new
S No Title Date Details
1 Declaration of CO/HOO/DDO in respect of CIPMC, Vijaywada 25/06/2019 Download (100.55 KB) pdf
2 Seeking comments of Stakeholders for framing of Recruitment Rules of Library Staff 24/06/2019 Download (572.86 KB) pdf
3 Submission of documents for AMC/CMC and renewal etc 24/06/2019 Download (106.58 KB) pdf
4 Sanction for engagement of Part Time Safaiwala at Sub-offices of the Directorate 19/06/2019 Download (2.25 MB) pdf
5 Celebration of 5th International Yoga Day at Headquarter 17/06/2019 Download (119.19 KB) pdf
6 Contingency Plan for Desert Locust Invasions, Outbreaks and Upsurges 17/06/2019 Download (1.41 MB) pdf
7 Celebration of 5th International Day of Yoga on 21st June, 2019 17/06/2019 Download (347.17 KB) pdf
8 31 मई, 2019 को विश्व तंबाकू निषेध दिवस मनाने के संबंध में 31/05/2019 Download (154.1 KB) pdf
9 Completion and Inspection of Service Books of officials dealt in Adm.II Section 30/05/2019 Download (140.4 KB) pdf
10 Distribution of powers and jurisdiction of Regional Plant Quarantine Stations/Plant Quarantine Stations 30/05/2019 Download (595.87 KB) pdf
11 Declaration of DDO for RCIPMC, Bangalore and HOO/CO/DDO for LCO, Jaisalmer 30/05/2019 Download (93.51 KB) pdf
12 Deputing Officers/officials to various locust stations for locust monitoring and control work 29/05/2019 Download (176.15 KB) pdf
13 Removal/elimination of single use plastic items 27/05/2019 Download (413.56 KB) pdf