What is the amount of fees to be paid for the analysis of pesticide molecules?

As per Gazette Notification No. 892 dated 13.12.2018, the testing fees for all pesticide formulations has been revised based on their method of analysis. The testing fees structure for analysis of Chemical and bio-pesticides sample/ samples is/are as follows:

1. Testing fees by following analytical technigues for samples of insecticides whose active ingredient is known.

(I) Gas chromatography - Rs. 6500/ sample
(II) High performance liquid chromatograph - Rs. 7500/ sample
(III) UV-visible Spectrometer - Rs. 5500/ sample
(IV) Fourier Transform Infra –Red Sepctrometer -Rs. 6000/ sample
(V) Titrimetric - Rs 4000/ sample

2. Testing fees for sample of bio-pesticide whose active ingredient is known - Rs. 4000/ sample.

3. Testing fees to test presence of registered bio-pesticide of below mentioned Bio-origin from bio-product sample whose active ingredient is not known.
(I) Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus or Granulosis virus only - Rs. 2000/ sample
(II) Bacteria only -Rs. 2000/ sample
(III) Fungi only - Rs. 2000/ sample
(IV) For (I), (II) &(III) - Rs. 6000/ sample

4. Testing fees for analysis of samples of insecticide or bio-pesticides whose active ingredients is not known.
(I) Liquid Cromatography- Mass Spectrometer - Rs. 15,500/ sample
(II) Gas Chromatograph – Mass Spectrometer - Rs. 10,500/ sample

5. The fees for test or analysis in respect of insecticide or bio-pesticide or any formulation other than the ones specified in the Schedule shall be specified by the central Government or by any other officer authorized in this behalf from time to time”.

Can any private agency/manufacturing company send a pesticide sample directly for analysis to CIL?

No, pesticide samples can only be sent by a notified insecticide inspector or through Hon’ble Court or any Government Notified body/organizations.

Whether pesticide samples drawn from Central Insecticides Inspector can be sent directly to CIL for analysis?

Yes, it can be sent directly to Director, Central Insecticides Laboratory (CIL), Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage, NH-IV, Faridabad-121001, Haryana .