Can any private agency/manufacturing company send a pesticide sample directly for analysis to CIL?

No, pesticide samples can only be sent by a notified insecticide inspector or through Hon’ble Court or any Government Notified body/organizations.

What is the amount of fees to be paid for the analysis of pesticide molecules?

The details of the fees required can be referred to from The Second Schedule of The Insecticides Rules, 1971 “Fees for testing or analyzing the samples of Insecticides”.

What is the mode of payment of analytical test fees?

The analytical fees can be paid ONLY by online transfer mode (NEFT/RTGS) with the following details:
Account Name: Pay & Accounts Officer
Bank name: State Bank of India
Account No. 30104398045
IFSC Code: SBIN0000734
MICR Code: 110002195

No payments are accepted in the form of cash/cheques/money orders or demand drafts.

To whom should any queries regarding sample testing/ status of sample sent for analysis be addressed to?

Any enquiry pertaining to analysis of samples sent to CIL may be communicated on the respective addresses mentioned at 13(a) & 13(b), along with all requisite details like Full Name & Designation with complete postal address (district, taluka/zila details etc. with pin code, name of state, etc.), contact number and/or e-mail id and technical details of the sample like technical name of formulation, batch number, date of manufacturing, date of expiry, date of sampling, code number/identification mark with date of sample sent to CIL (MOST IMPORTANT).

To whom should be the samples be sent to/addressed to for analysis?

The samples along with any communication must be addressed to:-

a) For First Analysis:
Officer Incharge, Centralized Coding Cell (RPTLs)
Dte. of Plant Protection Quarantine & Storage
CIL Building, NH-IV, Faridabad-121001, Haryana

b) For Re-analysis:
Director, Central Insecticides Laboratory (CIL)
Dte. of Plant Protection Quarantine & Storage,
NH-IV, Faridabad-121001, Haryana

The samples can be sent through registered parcel/post or delivered by hand at the reception of CIL.

What necessary documents along with pesticide sample should be sent to Packaging and processing division for analysis?

a) Pesticide sample with original leaflet.
b) Copy of certificate of registration issued by CIB&RC Faridabad.
c) Copy of Approved label and leaflets issued by CIB&RC
d) In case of any change in the address of manufacturing unit copy of endorsement letter issued by CIB& RC
e) Complete postal address with pin code of Insecticide inspector / sender for timely dispatch of the test report.
f) Email of sender to dispatch report via email.

What all documents have to be sent to CIL along with the pesticide sample for analysis?

The sample(s) to be analyzed should be accompanied with a copy of duly filled Form XXI bearing information like TECHNICAL NAME OF FORMULATION, BATCH NUMBER, DATE OF MANUFACTURING, DATE OF EXPIRY, DATE OF SAMPLING, CODE NUMBER/IDENTIFICATION MARK and STATE OF PACKING (i.e whether in original packing or loose sample), QUANTITY/VOLUME of sample(s).

The covering letter/information slip should be properly marked whether the sample is for First Analysis or Re-analysis and should bear complete details of the sender like Full Name & Designation along with complete postal address (district, taluka/zila details etc. with pin code, name of state, etc.), contact number and/or e-mail id and details of payment made (UTR No., date and amount).

The sample(s) should be sent properly packed and sealed. Sample(s) sent to CIL without bearing the seal of Insecticide Inspector, Agriculture Officer, or any other officer concerned shall NOT be accepted and not taken up for analysis. Also, sample(s) received after its date of expiry shall NOT be entertained and not be taken up for analysis.

For PRV 9(3) following things should be clearly mentioned:
1. Method of analysis
2. Details of specification
3. Proper signed letter
4. Covering letter of sample should reflect date of Manufacturing, date of expiry, formulation quality, volume etc.

The sample (s) should be sent properly packed and sealed. Sample (s) sent to CIL without bearing the seal of Inspector, Agriculture Officer or any other officer concerned shall NOT be accepted and not taken for analysis.

Whether bio pesticide samples drawn from Central Insecticides Inspector can be sent directly to CIL for analysis?

Yes, it can be sent directly to Director, Central Insecticides Laboratory (CIL)
Directorate of Plant Protection Quarantine &Storage, NH-IV, Faridabad-121001, Haryana

Whether is it possible to analyze unregistered bio pesticide samples in Bioassay division, CIL?

No. Only registered bio-pesticides are analyzed.

What are the samples analyzed by packaging and processing division?

Packaging and processing division analyze the pesticide samples sent by state insecticide inspector or state agriculture department notified under Rule 5 (C) of the Insecticides Act 1968 for verification of label claims, leaflets & packaging.