Downloadable Forms

Employee Corner
S No Title Detail
1 Reimbursement of Newspaper Bill Download (62.32 KB) pdf
2 Proforma of assessment report for clearance of Probation Period Download (178.04 KB) pdf
3 Form for Reimbursement of Children Education Allowance Download (54.35 KB) pdf
4 Application for Casual/Restricted Leave Download (415.82 KB) pdf
5 Form to inspect the status of the official language used in the office (Hindi) Download (1.34 MB) pdf
6 Questionnaire Form for Preventive Vigilance Inspection (bilingual) Download (15.24 MB) pdf
7 Form of APAR for Technical Officers for Headquarters/Sub-Office (Gazetted/Non-Gazetted) Download (670.85 KB) pdf
8 Form of APAR for Section Officer/Assistant Section Officer and Group 'B' Ministrial Staff (bilingual) Download (781.3 KB) pdf
9 Form of APAR for Private Secretary/Personal Assistant and Steno Grade"D" Download (732.31 KB) pdf
10 Form of APAR for Senior Secretariat Assistant/Junior Secretariat Assistant/UDC and LDC(bilingual) Download (759.44 KB) pdf
11 Form of APAR for Staff Car Driver and MTS (Hindi) Download (528.21 KB) pdf
12 Annual Immovable Property Return Download (2.29 MB) pdf
13 Prior intimation form for Transaction of Immovable Property Download (102.04 KB) pdf
14 Intimation form for Transaction of Movable Property Download (17.15 KB) pdf
15 BAS Employee On-boarding Form Download (605.44 KB) pdf
16 Earned Leave application form Download (872.16 KB) pdf