Important Information

Historically, the Desert Locust has always been a major threat to man’s well-being. The Desert Locust is mentioned as curse to mankind in ancient writings viz. Old Testament-Bible and the Holy Koran. The magnitude of the damage and loss caused by the locusts is very gigantic beyond imagination as they have caused the starvation due to its being polyphagous feeder, and on an average small locust swarm eats as much food in one day as about 10 elephants, 25 camels or 2500 people. Locust do cause damage by devouring the leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, bark and growing points and also by breaking down trees because of their weight when they settle down in masses.

Please click the following links for important information and Standard Operation Procedures on Desert Locust Control

SOP on Desert Locust Survey

SOP on Desert Locust Control

SOP on Aerial Spraying for Desert Locust

Contingency Plan for Desert Locust Invasions, Outbreaks and Upsurges

Seasonal precipitation predictions in DL spring/summer breeding areas (Jun–Nov 2019)