1. Keep constant vigil through field survey to prevent crop losses due to locust attack in approximately 2 lakh sq. kms. Scheduled Desert Area in the States of Rajasthan and Gujarat
  2. Avoid upsurge of locust population in SDA and entry of locust swarms into India through prompt control operations.
  3. Hold Indo-Pak Border meetings for exchange of locust situation information between two Countries to effectively monitor the situation and ensure preparedness to tackle the emerging locust threat, if any.
  4. Train the Farmers, State functionaries and locust staff on latest locust control technologies.
  5. Advise state functionaries, BSF personnel, Panchayat Raj Institutions to inform the nearest LWO office if any locust activity was reported in their areas for needful action.
  6. Issuance of Desert Locust Situation Bulletin at fortnightly intervals to inform all concerned stakeholders about emerging locust situation in India.
  7. Conduct research at Field Station on Investigation on Locusts(FSIL) at Bikaner on bio-efficacy of pesticides and bio-pesticides for locust control.