Economic Importance

In our country, in spite of taking control measures, damage to crops caused by locusts during 1926-31 cycles, on a conservative estimate, was about Rupees 10 crore. During 1940-46 and 1949-55 locusts cycles the damage was estimated at Rs. 2.00 crore each and it was only Rs. 50.00 lakh during the last locust cycle (1959-62). Although no locust plague cycles have been observed after 1962, however, during 1978 and 1993, large scale upsurges were reported. Damage estimated was Rs. 2.00 lakh in 1978 and Rs. 7.18 lakh in 1993.

Thereafter, insignificant damage by locust upsurges were reported largely due to the efforts of National, Regional and International Organizations established to prevent plague under the overall coordination of the Food and Agriculture Organisation.