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31 Public Notice - Mandatory submission of import and consumption details for import prermit of biocides (uploaded on 16.10.2019) Download (92.12 KB) pdf
32 Minutes of 409th Meeting of the Registration Committee (uploaded on 09.10.2019) Download (895.48 KB) pdf
33 Minutes of 408th Meeting of the Registration Committee (uploaded on 12.09.2019) Download (863.87 KB) pdf
34 Addendum to Agenda Item No.9.3 of minutes of 399th RC (uploaded on 05.09.2019) Download (186.17 KB) pdf
35 Annexure 10.11.1 of 407th RC meeting (uploaded on 04.09.2019) Download (76.36 KB) pdf
36 Minutes of 407th Meeting of the Registration Committee (uploaded on 02.09.2019) Download (2.74 MB) pdf
37 Public Notice for comments of stake holders on draft bioassay protocol (uploaded on 21.08.2019) Download (1.09 MB) pdf
38 Annexure to Agenda item No. 10.11 of 404th RC meeting (uploaded on 16.08.2019) Download (88.55 KB) pdf
39 Public Notice dated 09.08.2019 Download (3.2 MB) pdf
40 Minutes of 56th Meeting of the Central Insecticides Board (uploaded on 30.07.2019) Download (7.68 MB) pdf