S No Title Description Details
21 Form XV Stock Register of Technical Grade Insecticide Download (87.63 KB) pdf
22 Form XVI Stock Register of Formulated Insecticide [Rule15] Download (90.46 KB) pdf
23 Form XVII Stock Register of Formulated Insecticide [Rule 24] Download (82.99 KB) pdf
24 Form XVIII Order Under Section 21(1)(D) of the insecticides Act, 1968, Requiring a Person not to Dispose of Any stock in his Possession Download (82.09 KB) pdf
25 Form XIX Form of Receipt For the Seized Insecticides Download (81.77 KB) pdf
26 Form XX Intimation to Person / Licence from whom Sample is Taken Download (81.71 KB) pdf
27 Form XXI Memorandum to Government Analyst Download (82.84 KB) pdf
28 Form XXII Register persons Engaged in connection with Insecticides and their Periodical Medical examination for the Year Download (98.43 KB) pdf