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S No Name Designation Department Phone
61 Dr. Rahul Mishra Plant Protection Officer CIPMC, Bhubaneswar 0674-2563086
62 Sh. Debasis Roy Assistant Director FSIL, Bikaner 0151-2542582
63 Dr. T.A. Usmani Joint Director (Plant Pathology) RPQS, Chennai 044-22323888
64 Dr. K.L. Gurjar Deputy Director (Plant Pathology) Hqrs., Faridabad 0129-2411112
65 Sh. Michel Raja Plant Protection Officer CIPMC, Guwahati 0361-2454676
66 Dr. Rajender Singh Assistant Director CIPMC, Jalandhar 0181-2292855
67 Sh. Dhanne Singh Plant Protection Officer LCO, Bikaner 0151-22202022
68 Dr. P.S. Nain Joint Director (Plant Pathology) RPQS, Mumbai 022-23757459
69 Sh. Shailesh Kumar Plant Protection Officer CIPMC, Patna 0612-2596033
70 Sh. Ami Lal Bisnoi Assistant Director CIPMC, Sriganganagar 0154-2441099
71 Sh. Mahesh Chandra Plant Protection Officer LCO, Bhuj 02832-227260
72 Dr. P. Manickam Joint Director (Plant Pathology) RPQS, Chennai 044-22323888
73 Dr. Sandeep Pandey Deputy Director (Plant Pathology) CIPMC, Faridabad 0129-2418049
74 Sh. C.S. Naik Plant Protection Officer CIPMC, Raipur 0771-2423073
75 Dr. V.D. Nigam Assistant Director CIPMC, Jaipur
76 Sh. Mahesh Chandra Plant Protection Officer LCO, Palanpur 02742-245142
77 Dr. D.P. Nagdeve Joint Director (Weed Science) CIPMC, Nagpur 0712-2562215
78 Sh. Vageesh Pandey Plant Protection Officer CIPMC, Goa 0832-2521685
79 Sh. Balram Meena Plant Protection Officer CIPMC, Gangtok 03592-231909
80 Sh. Md. Amjad Administrative Officer LCO, Jalore 0297-3223478