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S No Name Designation Department Phone
1 Dr. B.S. Phogat Plant Protection Adviser Hqrs., Faridabad 0129-2413985
2 Sh. D.D.K. Sharma Additional Plant Protection Adviser (CIB&RC) Sectt. of CIB&RC 0129-2413002
3 Dr. Arnab Dasgupta Joint Director (Plant Pathology) Hqrs., Faridabad 0129-2476341
4 Dr. A.N. Singh Joint Director (Weed Science) Hqrs., Faridabad 0129-2476305
5 Dr. Archana Sinha Joint Director(Chemistry) Sectt. of CIB&RC 0129-2413002
6 Dr. J.P. Singh Joint Director (Entomology) LWO, Jodhpur 0291-2439749
7 Dr. K.S. Kapoor Joint Director (Entomology) Hqrs., Faridabad 0129-2476201
8 Dr. D.C. Rajak Joint Director (Entomology) NPQS, New Delhi
9 Sh. Shiv Sagar Verma Joint Director (Plant Pathology) Hqrs., Faridabad 0129-2418506
10 Dr. Gautam Chatterjee Joint Director (Plant Pathology) Hqrs., Faridabad 0129-2476334
11 Sh. K.W. Deshkar Deputy Director (Entomology) Hqrs., Faridabad 0129-
12 Dr. A. K. Reddy Deputy Director (Weed Science) Hqrs., Faridabad 0129-2476325
13 Dr. Sanjay Arya Deputy Director (Plant Pathology) Hqrs., Faridabad 0129-2476329
14 Sh. S.K. Verma Deputy Director (Entomology) RPQS, Amritsar
15 Sh. Vageesh Pandey Plant Protection Officer CIPMC, Goa 0832-2521685
16 Sh. Balram Meena Plant Protection Officer CIPMC, Gangtok 03592-231909
17 Sh. Md. Amjad Administrative Officer LCO, Jalore 0297-3223478
18 Sh. Ashok Shukla Deputy Director (Plant Pathology) CIL 0129-2476418
19 Sh. B.I. Shukla Plant Protection Officer CIPMC, Vadodara 0265-2713566
20 Dr. Gnanasambandam Assistant Director CIPMC, Trichy 0431-2420190